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Welcome to Tobian Language School

We offer a wide range of more than 25 language courses in all different levels from A1 to C2 according to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is an international standard for describing language ability. It describes language ability on a six-point scale, from A1 for beginners, up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. For more information on the CEFR and each level follow this link

Learning A New Language Has Never Been So Easy!

Learning a new language with Tobian Language School is a fun, interactive and educational experience. Using modern tools and strategies, our teachers are equipped to assist your journey of discovery or mastery of a new language. 


We offer different types of courses for each language depending on your preferences, skills, needs and level. Forget about repetitive lines, robotic voices, google translate, our courses are made to be personal. The only barrier is your desire to learn. 

The Languages You Can Learn Online With Us

English Language Course Flag Button


Join our most popular course with hundreds of students in taking English classes that suit your language needs

French Language Course Flag Button


Learn this romance language that is the official language of 29 countries and impress your entourage

Spanish Language Course Flag Button


With over 570 million people worldwide talking Spanish you can show off your new skills with our personalised courses


Our exciting Dutch courses are taught by over 15 professional teachers ready to assist your personal growth

German Language Course Flag Button


Learning German doesn't need to be a daunting task any longer with the help of our amazing team


The language of the first major explorers can be unlocked thanks to our highly skilled team

Italian Language Course Flag Button


Broaden your view on culture, history and even food with our tailor made Italian courses

Russian Language Course Flag Button


Impress your friends, family and colleagues with the Russian class pack we offer

Arabic Language Course Flag Button


Remove all mistisism of the Arabic language by enrolling to our courses with 1 to 1 classes

Mandarin Language Course Flag Button

Chinese / Mandarin

Tobian Language School makes learning Mandarin Chinese a walk in the park

Other Languages

The world is full of interesting languages. Find one the one with Tobian Language School

Who Can Benefit From Our Courses

We offer courses to all ages, all abilities and from all backgrounds. All you need is a device that can operate video calls and conferences and email address to share the materials and be in communication with Tobian Language School and the teacher. 


Our language classes are tailored to your needs. 

  • Would you like to learn a language for fun? We have a course for that!
  • Would you like to improve your business’ image and attract foreign clients by learning your audience’s language? We have a course for that!
  • Would you like help in preparing for standardised language assessments? We also have a course for that.


As you can see, the linguistic possibilities are near limitless when en-rolling to a course with Tobian Language School. 

Our prices

At Tobian Language School we always strive to be competitive with our prices for your desired language courses. Therefore, depending on the language, the level and your preferences, some prices may vary from what is shown.

Group lessons

Learning groups of 2 - 3 people
10/h Starting From
  • High-Quality Study Materials
  • Personal Support
  • Final Exam and Certification
  • 20 Lessons
  • Classes Last 60 min

Private Lessons

1-on-1 focused learning
15/h Starting From
  • High-Quality Study Materials
  • Personal Support
  • Final Exam and Certification
  • 20 Lessons
  • Classes Last 60 min

Important note: 

Private lessons
With our extensive team of excellent teachers, we are always able to offer private lessons for every language and level

Group lessons
The possibility of group lessons is dependent on students having the same language and  level

All Of Our Language Courses Offer These Elements

Comprehensive Materials

Each class offers complete and structured study materials that can best prepare you best for the exam.

All Lessons Are Online

Our classes take place online so that you can improve your language skills wherever you are in the world.

Personal Support

In our opinion success comes with a personal approach. We tailor each language course to your needs.

You Choose The Time

Before you start, meet your teacher to get to know one another, organise and schedule your lessons together.