'Bienvenido' 'Welkom' 'Welcome' 'Bienvenue' to the Tobian Language School

Welcome / Bienvenue / Bienvenido / Bem-vindo / 歡迎 / 欢迎 / ようこそ / أهلا بك / добро пожаловать / Bonvenon / ברוך הבא / Welina / καλως ΗΡΘΑΤΕ / Tervetuloa / Herzlich willkommen / Welkom / স্বাগত / xoş gəlmisiniz / բարի գալուստ / Selamat datang / velkominn / Witamy / Mirëseardhje / ਸਵਾਗਤ ਹੈ / Добродошли / 어서 오십시오 / خوش آمدی / მოგესალმებით / Fáilte / ласкаво просимо / स्वागत हे / Karibu/ ကြိုဆိုပါတယ် / Benvenuto / Bine ati venit / добре дошли / வரவேற்பு / Wëllkomm / Wolkom / тавтай морилно уу / chào mừng / Hoşgeldiniz / Välkommen / स्वागतम् / ยินดีต้อนรับ / Vítejte / Dobrodošli / Gratissimum / Bon bini 

We are your online language school

Tobian Language School is your online language school. Broaden your world through education with our live interactive lessons online. With more than 100 teachers we offer over 30 language courses. Our competitive prices make online language learning accessible for everyone.


Our committed team is always pleased to offer personal support and are open to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.

Online Flexibility

You choose when and where you have your classes. All 100% online and flexible.

Personal Study Plan

We configure the study plan in communication with you according to your personal needs.


We offer affordable prices for private and group lessons to offer courses for everybody.

Quality of Education

We only work with language teachers at native speaker level to provide you the best education.

Personal Approach

Our learning approach is based on personal interaction and learning-by-doing.

Materials, Exams, Certificates

You will receive study materials with every course as well as a certificate after your test.

Private & Group Lessons

You can decide if you want a 1:1 course or to take it interactively in a group.

Special Exam Preparation

We prepare you with adapted methods to tests like the TOEFL, IELTS or CIVIC.

More Than 30 Languages

We offer a wide range of over 30 languages in different levels to study from.

Lessons For All Ages

Languages know no age: We provide courses for all age groups from toddler to retired.

Fast Learning

Start your course after one day and receive your language certificate already after 1 month.

Company Invoicing

Offer your team a comprehensive language training. We do company invoicing!

Broaden Your World Through Education

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Luiza Pereira
Luiza Pereira
Nice teacher, fun and dynamic classes.
Tommy Meyborg
Tommy Meyborg
Goede school, prettige ervaring en snelle communicatie!
Veronica Massolini
Veronica Massolini
I am currently learning Dutch (online) with the Tobian Language School! Things I think are absolutely amazing about TLS: 1) Tobias is super quick and efficient. I had lessons scheduled a week after my first contact with the school. Other schools had a month long waiting list! 2) You can do the classes online! For me this is super important due to my busy schedule. I can do the class in the comfort of my own home. 3) You can do private classes or with other people. I am currently studying with one more student with is super fun and you also feel like you have an accountability partner in your learning journey! 4) The lessons are super fun and interactive! I have to admit I felt like I was in pre-school the first lesson but this is really the best way to learn. Our teacher makes sure we have fun and encourages us to make mistakes so that we learn from them! 5) Tobias gave me the opportunity to pay the course in 2 parts instead of making one big payment. Which is something I really appreciate! Overall, from all the schools I've looked through and researched (Free and Privet) I have to say that I am thoroughly happy with my choice and will continue to use TLS for all levels 🙂 Big shout out to Tobias and Hannah!
Tepi Valero
Tepi Valero
I got a recommendation to have lessons with them, and I couldn’t be happier. Contact with them is always quick and easy. I like their flexibility and my match was right on point. We have fun lessons. Super grateful with Ana 😃
Top school! Fijn en makkelijk contact, flexibel met het inplannen van de lessen en goede lessen! Heeft me enorm geholpen met het leren van Spaans ter voorbereiding op mijn reis.
Loretta Schopgens
Loretta Schopgens
I have been taking Spanish classes at Tobian Language School for over a year now and I am really satisfied with the progress I have made so far. I started at this institute because it was recommended to me by a friend. After a year of practice, I can really understand why. My Spanish teacher is the friendliest person ever and is really flexible. In addition, the classes are really affordable compared to other institutes and are taught with a personalized approach. Very grateful! 🙂
joop heeringa
joop heeringa
Great teacher!
Alexandra Dores
Alexandra Dores
Tobian language school is a great school. It has a lot of different languages to learn. They have great tools to help you improve the language that you're learning, as well as challenge you to speak more which is great! Besides that they're very helpful and very caring. Always following up with you and asking for feedback. I really recommend this school! 🙂
Alec Hagopian
Alec Hagopian
Great language school, i am very impressed with how they treat their customers , very quick and reliable. They even go out of their way to help a student as much as possible incase of any exams or deadlines. They have great teaching techniques and different teaching methods to help the student understand easier.

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Learning a new language can be an overwhelming challenge at times. That’s why we want to make it accessible, easy, fun and hassle free as much as possible. Our blog, language learning articles and educational resources will help you get started and guide you on your journey to learn a new language. Fell free to get in touch for your own contributions and let us know about your experiences.

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The Name Tobian

The name Tobian is of English origin and means being fearless, optimistic, and intellectual. Tobian stands for being brave and having an extremely high capacity for knowledge. In addition, it means purity and being genuine in his actions. 

At Tobian Language School, we believe in these values and wish to make a “braver” world by facilitating communication between people.