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Dutch is spoken by about 25 million people as a first language and 5 million people as a second language, constituting most of the population of the Netherlands and about 60% of the population of Belgium.

Outside the Low Countries, it is the native language of the majority of the population of Suriname where it also holds an official status, as it does in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. In addition, Dutch is one of the official languages of the EU.

One can only truly comprehend the Dutch and Flemish culture if the language is also understood.

The content provided will help you on the journey to learning Dutch.

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Traditional Dutch flag with text "Geslaagd" meaning someone has passed school exams

How Long Does it Take to Learn Dutch

We understand that learning Dutch is a unique journey for you vs the world.
Whether your goal is to brush up for a conversation with your in-laws, impress your colleagues at work, or speak like a Dutch person on your travels.

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